Arturia BEATSTEP and MOS-LAB Modular System

Today I tried a friends Arturia Beatstep and with the CV Outs i triggered a MOS-Lab Modular System. Dynacord DRP16 and Dynacord VRS23 Reverbs where used also.I`m impressed.The simplicity of the Beatstep and the phät Sound of the MOS-Lab are an wonderful combination.

In short , the Artusia Beatstep is a usefull and also cheap step sequencer, easy to use and it`s building a bridge between the oldschool hardware and the modern multicolour sci-fi stuff.

Simple connected the Gate CV and Pitch CV to the Modular System and started editing melodies with the encoders. With the shift buttons you can switch between 16th,8th and 4th steps and turn the sequence to reverse,alternate and random...check the Tutorial Video for more Information.