ILR121 - Marble Ep


I`m fuckin`proud to announce the next EP , this time on INLAB Records from France !
"Marble" seems to be one of the best Tracks i`ve ever made , and the Remix from Oovation
focuses the Bassline to a new "Primetime Hands up in the Air " level. Thank you Pierre, adorable work !

A bunch of old hardware from 70th/80th was used in this production , i felt in love with the AKAI S612 Sampler and the AKAI S3000XL.

The "Voice-Synth" is a Choir sound from the KAWAI K5000 S Synth sampled to the AKAI S612 and the same sound sent thru a Dynacord DRP16 Reverb and a Dynacord Bucket Echo/Reverb VRS23 made great Pad/Chords in the backround... 

The Sylenth VST or other VSTs seem to sound better in MONO,  routed to this reverbs than in stereo direct out of the Sound Card...strange but beautyfull. Most Percussion came from the S3000XL , kind of punchy,crunchy and sexy...

All the Stuff was resampled/recorded in Ableton Live 9 and mixed with VSTs...usin`the best of both wolds, digital and analog...Thank you all for support , it`s a lovely Job