An Arduino based Sample Player with  Pitch- and Low Pass Filter Control.

On my hunt for an Sampler without SD Card for the Arduino i found the Mozzi Library written by Tim Barrass. This Guy is an amazing Enchanter ;).Thank you Tim for your help on the mozzi forum. The Library implements all the stuff you need for Synths, Samplers and Sounds on the Arduino , here`s the overview from the Mozzi Page :

  • 16384 Hz sample rate or experimental 32768 Hz rate.
  • 8 bit or 14 bit audio output modes (12 bits on Teensy 3.1).
  • PWM audio output on Atmel-based boards, or true analog out on Teensy 3.1.
  • Variable control rate from 64 Hz up.
  • Useful basic audio toolkit: oscillators, samples, lines, envelopes, scheduling, filtering.
  • Fast ADC and other cpu-efficient code utilities to help keep audio running smoothly.
  • Example sketches for easy modification.
  • Readymade wavetables and a script to convert your own soundfiles for Mozzi.
  • Designed to be easy to use, open source and extendable. 


    Things I proudly managed : 
    • Convert WAV files to Wavetables with Phyton Scipts and Command line.
    • Use Old Arcade switches for trigger and change Samples.
    • Use Button States in Arduino to run different Program Codes
    •  Debug Buttons with Boolean = false ;
    • Put all the shit together in an old Soap-Bubble-Gun , glue Switches and substitute the 3 x 1,5V Batteries with an 9V Block.
    • Use Adafruit Neopixels ,triggered by the Sample trigger Button.
    • Use Mozzi at all,because it`s a little different from normal Arduino code.
    Still to Do and Fails :
    • MIDI IN. i started a sample with MIDI in but could`t pitch/play it.Next time i`ll try it again.
    • Couldn #include the wavetable.h file to my script so ipasted it direct into my script instead of #include

      See my workin Code on GITHUB