Tin Music Box with Piezo Mic

Here`s another new live Instrument , a Tin Music Box with an attached Piezo Disc as Pickup.

 I found this in a local Toy Store and it`s great as an percussion and melodic Instrument.
I mostly loop my toys in my Live P.A.,put some filters and FX on it ( like Beatrepeat ) or resample it to a Native Instruments Maschine Pad to play it per Midi Keyboard.

It`s easy to build your own Contact Microphone for other Toys or Percussions ,
for example like this Tutorial.
Or solder the Piezo to Jack.
It`s recommended to use a speacial Preamp for Piezos because of the high Impedance.
You can build you`r own with Schematics like This , but i bought a cheap one from Ebay and it works fine.